Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013

My Jailbreaktool for iOS 7

OK guys, i finally fixed the tool created by @stnvh and me for the 4.th time and it's finally working now (i hope).
Here's a quick tutorial on using it:

EDIT: I tested 7.0.3 and it works great (booting 7.0.2 kernel though).

First of all the prerequirements:
- you need to be on Mac OS
- Xcode & Command line tools installed
- internet connection on Mac and on iPhone

Note, that this tutorial on works with an
iPhone 4 running iOS 7, 7.0.2 and 7.0.3 and the only thing it does is installing openssh and apt-get. There will be NO CYDIA as it's not fixed officially by saurik yet.

Ok here we go :D
Download this tool:

https://twitter.com/tihmstar/status/392750029644906496 <- (edit) second link for people bugging me not to use a hoster requiering flash -.-

Unzip it and open a Terminal. Now cd into it and execute "./install"
Now simply connect your iPhone in DFU mode and let the tool do it's magic :D
If you get "No space left on device" then something went wrong :(
I suggest you to try it again,
If you see "No such file or directory" that means every thing went fine and your iPhone should have rebooted into recovery mode.

Now you need to install opensn0w with the fix for Mac OS.
"cd ./opensn0w_osx" and when you're in simply run "./build_opensn0w".
That will clone opensn0w from winocm's git, add the Macfix and install it.

After you installed opensn0w it's time to boot your device tethered.
Simply execute in a terminal "/usr/local/opensn0w/bin/opensn0w_cli -p  /usr/local/opensn0w/bundles/iPhone3,1_7.0.2_11A465.plist" if you're having an iPhone3,1 and iOS 7.0.2 if not, you need to adjust the parameter to match your iPhone model.

After your device booted up, you should unlock your device as soon as possible and make sure it's connected to wifi. Then just give it 2-4 minutes to set up dpkg and apt for you. If everything worked the way i want it to, your device should respring now. If that happened, that means everything went fine and you're happy now to have a jailbroken device with ssh and apt. :D
Now you can connect to it's ip and the login root:alpine

If your device did not respring after several minutes of waiting, that means something went wrong :(
But if you done the step before correctly you should be able to ssh into your device anyway.
If you can't ssh into the device you should gone back to the step with "./install" and redo the jailbreak.
make sure it doesn't show you "No space left on the device" because that meant there are problems with mounting the fs.

If your device did not respring, but you can ssh into it, that doesn't mean the jailbreak failed totally.
That just means that you might have some errors with apt-get. If so, sorry i can't help you with that :(
Either you try to rejailbreak again (simply rerun the tool) or go and fix apt and dpkg manually.
The debs you nees might be in /var/mobile/debs if the script did not finished correctly for some reason. But again you should give the phone a bit time before you mess up with that, it might be fine, but simply not finished ;)

So guys, happy jailbreaking ;)
Let me know if you have problems, if it's tool related i will publish a fix ;P