Montag, 30. Dezember 2013

iOS 7 untetherd Jailbreak for iPhone 4: "simple7break" 1.0

Hi everyone :D
After evasi0n7 was released with a huge drama i decided to update my JB tool to include the updated Cydia and the evasi0n7 untether, give it a name (simple7break) and make it userfriendly.

Ok let's get to it :D

What do you need:
- Mac (sorry this is Mac only, since it's a fun project without a real use/need)
- Java installed (that should be the case by default on Mac's)
- iPhone 4 model iPhone3,1 or iPhone3,2 (sorry that doesn't work with iPhone3,3 again it's a fun project)
- 5 min of time

So first you need to download simple7break
make sure you only download it only from trusted sources, like links in my twitter acc ;)

There we go! Now you should have a file called "" which you need to extract.
Now you can chose either open a Terminal, cd into that directory and execute "./install"
or you simply doubleclick the install file in finder and chose "Open with terminal" if it asks you.
Now connect your iPhone 4 and put it in DFU mode. You know that mode, when you have to press Power + Home for 10 sec and then release Powerbutton, but keep still pressing Home for 15 sec.
You should now see that the ssh ramdisk tool starts doing stuff.
After it finishes doing it's magic, your device reboots and you should see the evasi0n7 boot screen, saying patching kernel and stuff. When your device boots up just unlock it and wait a bit.
After some seconds a popup shows up saying something like "no more space left on device", you can safely ignore this and tap ok if you want and be happy, because it works :D
Just continue waiting and eventually your device reboots again. Now you should see the evasi0n7 screen again (i really like that screen, that's why i show it to you twice :P).
After the device boots up the second time you should finally have Cydia on your SpringBoard yeay :)
Basically you're jailbroken now and good to go, but i really recommend reading further and doing this last step too. Open Cydia and let it configure the filesystem (you know, this thing which always happens when you open up Cydia for the first time). Then open Cydia again, go to the changes tab and hit update in the left to corner. That reloads the Packages and you should see at least 6 new updates (i think that were 6) including ncurses and evasi0n untether. Now it's very important that you DO INSTALL THE UPDATES. That will finally make everythink clean and solid.
This is needed because i modded the install script from the ncurses package to remove the preinst script (which caused errors for reasons i don't know) and with the update you do in cydia this get's fixed. In theory this is not that much important, but you know it's a "beauty fix" :P
Same for the evasi0n7 untether, which updates to give you the latest kernel patches by evad3rs.
(basically it reinstalls the same package with no modifications at the time of writing (version 0.2) but again, that's my "beauty fix" :P)
Well after you done the updates you're good to go :D
Have fun with this drama free iOS7 untethered Jailbreak.
If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact me on twitter @tihmstar or on freenode irc in #openjailbreak channel (if you contact me on irc give me some time to respond and don't leave -_-)

Hope you enjoy,
tihmstar :D